The main house on the corner of
Queen and College street was built
in 1887. It was purchased in 1945
by Nelson Andrews who established
one of the most prestigious gun
shops in the Eastern Townships. In
1971 he retired and sold the property
to Robert Barnett and Stan Groves.
As professors at Bishop's University,
they envisaged a retreat where
students, professors and townies
alike could gather and enjoy good
conversation over an obliging pint.


In 1973 the Golden Lion Pub opened its doors for business. Warm atmosphere
and a friendly staff combined to make the Lion an instant success.Throughout the years imported beers and darker ales gained in popularity. So much so, the decision was made that the Lion would brew its own. In 1984 Stan Groves Sr. made the trip to British Columbia to visit Canada's first micro: "The Horseshoe Bay Brewing Co." Pleased with what he had seen, the next step in the master plan would lead Stan Groves Jr


to the Ringwood Brewery in England to study with the venerable Peter Austin. On July 1st
1986 The Golden Lion Brewing Company served it's first pint to a very appreciative public.

The evolution of a Micro-brewery
The many incarnations of the building at 6 College street include a garage, tanning salon, ice cream parlour, bakery, pizzeria, paint store(Quantico-where quality meets quantity)
and finally the Golden Lion Brewing Company.
The summer of 1990 brought with it a major expansion of the Pub. Approximately 800 square feet was added to the front of the building to accomodate additional seating and a larger dance floor area.
In 1995 the bottom floor of the main house was renovated and a spacious patio was built on it's surroundings, hence the Lion Café/Terrasse was born. Throughout
the years there have been many
memorable occasions. In 2005 the Lion
was honored to receive the "Best
Student Pub in Canada" trophy awarded
by the hit CBC television
series "The Rick Mercer
Report." Under the stewardship of the Groves family the Lion Pub and Brewery continues to grow and to evolve...hope to see you here. Cheers!
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy. -- Tom Waits
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